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It is strongly recomended by all gas appliance manufacturers that their appliances be serviced on a regular basis, ideally every 12 months. This not only ensures that the appliance is running at its optimum efficiency but also that it is operating safely. Regular servicing can lengthen the life of the appliance and reduce energy bills.

We carry out a number of checks and any necessary adjustments during the service to ensure efficiency and safety. Depending on appliance these include:

- All operational features checked and any issues discussed
- Any installation issues noted and discussed
- Pipework, ventilation, flueing and clearances checked
- Full testing of all components and functionality
- Disassembly and cleaning of key components
- Flue flow and spillage test where applicable
- Flue gas analysed with printout of results
- Radiators and controls checked
- Paperwork left with checklist completed, dated and signed

On rare occasions a serious fault may be identified with your system that is an immediate danger to your property and more importantly to you and your family. In these circumstances it is a legal responsibility of all GAS SAFE registered engineers to ensure the situation is made safe before leaving the property. This requires the appliance being disconnected from the gas supply and left in this state until the issue can be resolved. May it be stressed that this situation is rare but we must rigidly adhere to the regulations to ensure your safety.


The prices below are inclusive of all taxes but do not include any parts that may be required.

- Room sealed boiler - from £70
- Open flued boiler - from £70
- Backboiler/fire - from £80
- Water heater - from £70
- Gas fire - from £70
- Gas cooker - from £60
- Gas hob - from £60





Last Updated August 2014